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【中英双语有声绘本】姜姜和胖胖 Ginger & Chubby(简体)

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● 对于年纪小的孩子,这个短故事显示宠物也有个性,也有开心和难过的情绪。 ● 对于年纪大一点的孩子,这个故事提供开放性的思考,也能作为“对待公平性”的话题来探讨,以及生活中总是有各种难题,并非都有简单解决问题的办法。 ● 非常适合更深层次的讨论:象是做任何的决定都需要理解可能会有的结果。 ● 对于各种不同目的的学习者也是非常棒的学习资源:像是将英文或是中文作为外语学习时,可以透过情节去帮助拓展看法及观点。 ● 姜姜和胖胖的故事深受加拿大、新加坡、中国及台湾孩子的喜爱,也是家长和老师们陪同孩子、学生共读情节、探讨情绪的好故事。 -For younger children, this fun story shows that pets have personality and can feel happiness and sadness. - For older children, it is also an open-ended story that is great for promoting dialogue about fairness. Life itself is made up of difficult situations that do not always have a simple solution. -As well, it is great for deeper level discussions about how there are consequences for any decision. -This is a great resource for many levels of learners: learning English or Chinese as a foreign language that helps to broaden a perspective of the story plot.




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