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【中英雙語有聲繪本】薑薑和胖胖 Ginger & Chubby(繁體)

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● 對於年紀小的孩子,這個短故事顯示寵物也有個性,也有開心和難過的情緒。 ● 對於年紀大一點的孩子,這個故事提供開放性的思考,也能作為“對待公平性”的話題來探討,以及生活中總是有各種難題,並非都有簡單解決問題的辦法。 ● 非常適合更深層次的討論:像是做任何的決定都需要理解可能會有的結果。 ● 對於各種不同目的的學習者也是非常棒的學習資源:像是將英文或是中文作為外語學習時,可以透過情節去幫助拓展看法及觀點。 ● 薑薑和胖胖的故事深受加拿大、新加坡、中國及臺灣孩子的喜愛,也是家長和老師們陪同孩子、學生共讀情節、探討情緒的好故事。 -For younger children, this fun story shows that pets have personality and can feel happiness and sadness. - For older children, it is also an open-ended story that is great for promoting dialogue about fairness. Life itself is made up of difficult situations that do not always have a simple solution. -As well, it is great for deeper level discussions about how there are consequences for any decision. -This is a great resource for many levels of learners: learning English or Chinese as a foreign language that helps to broaden a perspective of the story plot.




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